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Joey Fishman
Positive: Professionalism

Google 2021  5 Stars
He instantly diagnosed my problem and then let me know that he thought it might be covered by an apple repair program. He was right and saved me about 500 bucks!

Google 2020  
5 Stars
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I have been saved more than once by Andrew's ability to understand what is going on with my machines. Over the years he has become my "Go To" place. He begins with asking investigative questions, which help him evaluate the severity and the nature of the machine in question. The time spent in this way saves much more, believe me. He worked on my iBook Pro and installed a few extras, with my permission, to forestall a repeat of what had caused the issue, upgraded and replaced some parts as well. My computer is far better now than it was when I bought it. It has a new lease on life and that too was a great savings. One more thing, he is kindly and generous. I saw, more than once, him referring customers to other businesses,, redirecting a couple others, based on their answers to a few questions and so he demonstrated character, quality, and I was assured that he would look after my machine. He spent time with me and demonstrated care. It is hard to do better than The Total Mac, and Andrew. Great!

Jason Arellano
Google 2021  5 Stars
Wonderful, hole in the wall. Honest about they can/can't do and they offer alternatives if needed.
John Morrison
Google 2021  5 Stars
Don't bother with an Apple store when Total Mac gives you personal service and no BS about repairs. Have been using them for 8 years when needed
Alana McGillis
Google 2021  5 Stars
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
What excellent service!! I was having serious issues with my macbook pro and Andrew was dedicated to get to the root of the problem. I can't thank him enough! He was super kind and patient and the services were affordable! If you're having Mac troubles go here! You really can't ask for more!!
Milica Radović - Mandić
Google 2020  5 Stars
I loved this store! The man working inside is soo kind and knowledgeable. He fixed my Mac in one day and the price was really fair. The best price compared to other stores I called. I recommend this from my heart.
Marcel D
Google 2020  5 Stars
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
If you’re looking for someone efficient and honest to repair your tech!

Laura Gray
Google 2020  5 Stars
Andrew helped me when I completely destroyed my USB port attempting to remove a broken USB. I should have come straight to him from the beginning! He was responsive and even took my computer in within an hour of me calling and fixed it by the next morning. Can’t thank him enough!
Allyson Aleksey
Google 2020  
5 Stars
I brought my water logged macbook pro in on a Friday and it was repaired by Monday! The price was affordable and Andrew was incredibly helpful and knowledgable. I noticed a light issue on my Mac and brought it back and he assisted me at no extra cost and it is working better than it did 3 years ago. He even went over some apps with me that I could delete to get my computer running quickly and smoothly. I truly thought my 2012 macbook was a goner (it wouldn't even turn on!) and I was not in the market to purchase a new one so I am so incredibly happy that I came to The Total Mac before I even entertained that thought!! Thank you, Andrew!


Pierre Gaddies

Google 2021  5 Stars

Andrew... is a stellar Dude,,, Rock it out...
Shaelyn Watson
Google 2020  5 Stars
My iMac is fixed!

Buck Tergis
Google 2020  5 Stars
The Total Mac is a life-savor when my MacBook Pro goes down. Andrew is honest and really knows what to do!
Sean C.
Google 2019  5 Stars
Thank you for repairing my MacBook Air, especially since a new one wasn't in my budget. Battery/logic board replaced in timely and affordable manner, machine is working perfectly.
Terry A Levy
Google 2019  
5 Stars
My mac was sooo slow I was stressed out. I had the computer upgraded with a new ssd and it is sooo fast I am delighted. Andrew backed up my hard drive and removed some malware before replacing the drive. He spend a lot of time talking to me and giving me needed information. I would go back if I ever need help again.

Sara Kimelman
Google 2020  5 Stars
Super knowledgable, helpful, and quick!
Lloyd T
Google 2018  5 Stars
This is the only place to get help with your Mac. Andue is the best you will find. They say five stars! Try a thousand
Bfndlsl Cbdns
Google 2019  5 Stars
Andrew is AMAZING!!! Yesterday I spilled sparkling water on my Macbook Air while it was on, turned it off to dry and it just wouldn't turn back on anymore. I took it to Andrew after getting no help from the apple store and only one day later my Macbook is SAVED!!! All my data is here, everything is the way it was and it works perfectly!!! I am BEYOND satisfied with Andrew's excellent service! He did what I thought was impossible, he totally salvaged my water damaged Macbook! He truly is talented at what he does and I highly recommend him if you have water damage on your Macbook!!! I'm so happy. Thanks Andrew!!! (I did leave the same review on yelp, Andrew deserves all the recognition because he is awesome!)

Bill Wygant
Google 2017  5 Stars
Andrew did a great job at a reasonable price to fix my computer. Very satisfied

Paul Kitchen
Google 2016 5 Stars
Great job and great result - I would recommend calling in proactively, as when I called it I was told the computer had been fixed! Thanks - you're a lifesaver!!

Demetra Vashon
Google 2019  4 Stars
Quiet happy with their service. Knowledgeable and fairly quick service. Both [techs] were nice and friendly, pretty much explain all our questions. Highly recommended.

Laurett Diaz Lopez
Google 2020-2021  
 4 Stars
They correct their mistakes!


Nancy C.
San Francisco, CA
Yelp 3/18/2021 
 5 Stars
I took my Mac mini (mid 2011) to Andrew to upgrade the OS from 10.7.5 to 10.13.6 and to migrate the files. He also replaced my old, slow drive with a new solid state drive, which dramatically improved my computer's speed and performance. He shared his knowledge readily, answered lots of questions, and was never condescending -- all very rare in the world of tech support. I also appreciate that he's willing to help get the maximum life out of an older computer, also all too rare in the disposable world we live in. Andrew is a great resource and his services are very reasonably priced. I highly recommend The Total Mac!  

Carole C.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 8/5/2019  5 Stars
I have used Total Mac on numerous occasions.  Andrew has always fixed every problem.  He's patient, polite and a pleasure to deal with.  Much cheaper than Apple itself and he isn't trying to get you to upgrade!

Daniel B.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 9/8/2020  5 Stars
This is the place to go!  Andrew is the best. He is thorough, problem solving, finds work-arounds, delivers and more.  Can't praise him enough.

Rebecca H.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 9/9/2017  5 Stars
i cannot recommend Total Mac highly enough. Andrew's help was amazing - he was informed, efficient, knowledgeable, experienced and is more interested in what you need for your Mac for than trying to sell you something. (Unlike other outlets) please support this local business, it is rare gems like this that remind you how great technical know-how plus welcoming customer service can be.

Pierre Eric J.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 8/23/2015  5 Stars
Left a macbook pro with hard drive disk crashed - desperate. Total Mac was able to change the nap, replace the hard drive and reinstall OS in a matter of hours. Very knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring. This place is a MUST if you want to get your Mac running up again and avoid the AppleTax from the Apple Stores who always try to sell u an overpriced new hardware - while your current Mac might just need cost effective fixes.

Tinker B.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 10/6/2006  5 Stars
I was quoted 900.00 for a new screen for my PWB at Apple. They replaced it for 450.00 and  I got it back in three days. It has been working great.
Katie H.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 5/5/2021   5 Stars
Andrew was wonderful , he had my computer fixed in just over 2 hours! I took it to the apple store earlier in the day where I waited for ages to speak to someone and was then told it would take 5 days to fix and 3 times as much as I paid at total MAC! Couldn't recommend this place more!
Nicole M.
Palo Alto, CA

Yelp 2/1/2009  5 Stars

I can't say enough good things about this place.  I am a PhD student and - stupidly - had all of my data and my entire dissertation on my laptop.  I spilled water on it, then made the horrible mistake of trying to turn it on three or four times.  The result: a completely fried machine. I went to Total Mac pretty much in tears and was treated with compassion and kindness from the moment I walked in the door.  To make a long story short, I left the store the next day with all of my data, my dissertation, and what felt like a brand new computer.  I chose Total Mac because I was desperate and it was the only computer repair place I could remember at the time.  I am so glad that I did and, while I have learned my lesson about backing up my files, I will be back if I ever have a problem again.

Ellen S.
Berkeley, CA

Yelp 1/21/2021  5 Stars
I had a truly fantastic experience at this shop. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was distraught when my MacBook suddenly stopped working at the start of the day.

I called a few shops and was given large quotes with minimal conversation. For this shop, I was told a few possibilities but the owner said that I could bring my laptop in to assess before making any big decisions.

Once there, he was incredibly kind, fair, and helpful. I paid significantly less than other shops quoted me and enjoyed my experience. This will definitely be my go-to shop for any and all MacBook repairs.

Not only was Andrew efficient, he was honest and his prices are so reasonable. I would've been charged $800 at apple but spent $145 here. If you want top notch service at an affordable price -- please come here!!

Thank you Andrew. My laptop is working like new!

Karen H.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 12/21/2020  5 Stars
I spilled a bit contact solution on my MacBook Pro on a Friday night. I dried it out, my laptop was essentially fine but my trackpad was going a bit crazy. I spent a couple of hours trying to find a spot to service my laptop but they either required a drop off without reviewing it with me, an appointment etc. But! Total Mac popped up.

I gave him a call and explained my situation and how I thought my logic broke was destroyed from water damage because Apple told me that the first time (I know!) it happened so I thought for sure it was done and wanted a quote. Instead of agreeing with it, Andrew told me to come by so he can open my laptop in front of me and see what's going on. I immediately went over, he opened my MacBook and showed that I did NOT have any water damage! And he explained why he just needs to change the trackpad.


Not only was Andrew efficient, he was honest and his prices are so reasonable. I would've been charged $800 at apple but spent $145 here. If you want top notch service at an affordable price -- please come here!!Thank you Andrew. My laptop is working like new!

Carol D.
San Francisco, CA

7/15/2020   5 Stars
Andy is wonderful!!! I've been going to him for years. If he can fix it or upgrade he'll do it. Very reasonable priced. Honest business person.


Trevor H.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 8/15/2020  5 Stars
Andrew is the Michael Jordan of Mac repairs! Thought it was a total loss but he does not accept defeat. He refurbished my Mac Book Pro to like new in a timely fashion. Do you really want to deal with the Apple store!? Go see this man for any of your Apple needs ASAP!!
Jerome S.
Oakland, CA

Yelp 10/15/2019  5 Stars
Andrew came to the rescue again this time I updated my MacBook Air to macOS Catalina and I did not like it the performance was terrible it was hitting my battery badly I did not like the new Music application and too many bugs so I took it into The Total Mac Monday and picked up Friday what can I say he did an excellent job downgrading me back to Mojave & keeping my songs pics and everything else Andrew isn't his there for Mac repairs he can also downgrade ur Mac too if u don't like the current software on it

Yelp 2/20/2019   5 Stars (Previous review)
Man what more can I say about Andrew he's  professional genuine and courteous I just took my new MacBook Air and my old MacBook Pro in because I needed him to transfer my data and he did it in an hour and I left it over there for 7 days he really shows care and love for each and every Mac he services yes I do recommend Him because he is independent a small business owner and shows your Mac plus you TLC you when you're in his shop it's like you're in his home


Brian L.
Newark, CA

Yelp 7/10/2019  5 Stars
Great service!! I'm so thankful for total Mac!! My 2010 iMac wouldn't start anymore and I had tried all the workarounds. He explained that it could just be as simple as replacing a bad power supply. He gave me a quote and some info over the phone and some paperwork when I dropped it off then called me a few days later to tell me that it was just a matter of putting in a new power supply. Now I'm back up and running! Thanks for your easy going, prompt and courteous service !!


Henry C.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 8/20/2019  5 Stars
Great price and quick service. I had a relatively uncommon battery I needed to replace, and Total Mac was able to order it and install not only in the shortest time frame of any of the repair places I looked at, but also at the best price. Highly recommended!

Jennis S.

San Francisco, CA

Yelp 4/11/2019  5 Stars
Andrew is totally professional.  I took my MacBook Air in not long ago and asked him to remove MacShiny and do a couple more small things. He did this at the counter while I waited and was able to do it in a relatively short amount of time. I knew what the cost would be.  When he was finished he told me I didn't really need to have anything else done.  That was a good experience and when I need another MacJob I will head no doubt head to Total Mac.

Campbell R.
Sacramento, CA
Yelp 3/5/2019
  5 Stars
Andrew is hands down the best computer guy around. My MacBook had water damage and Apple said it was 700 to fix a few things. In less than 2 days Andrew had my computer fixed for 200. Highly recommend! He also stayed open late for me to drop off the computer because of the urgent manner- amazing

Chun T.
San Francisco, CA

Yelp 11/26/2018  5 Stars
Brought in my son's Apple Mac which wasn't powering up.  Of course while I was there it did fire up.  Andrew opened up the computer to ensure the innards were clean and had no water damage.  After closing the computer; it fired up again.  He provided some useful hints and said if it continues to have issues to bring it back in.  I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't charge for the diagnosis.  


Nice to have honest business people still around.

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